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You won't believe what happens next.

You won't believe what happens next.

You won't believe what happens next.

You won't believe what happens next.

You won't believe what happens next.
You won't believe what happens next.
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and stabilizes markets

Legacy problems

The industry loses of billions of dollars per year

Appallingly antiquated.​

Archaic and asset management technologies hinder efficiency, adaptability, and innovation, consequently delivering poor value and experience for users and providers alike.

Asset management software lags in efficiency and adaptability.

Organization structures lacks digital integration at between macro level structures and mezzo level transactions.

Rigid formats in banking, financial transactions and contract administration carry huge costs and remain inefficient.

Hairpin’s Solution​s

How We Solve 100+ Years of Legacy Problems​

AI, Smart Contracts, and Integration Platform

Our AI Agents enhance user experiences and organizational efficiency by upgrading systems, centralizing contracts, and improving functional management with cutting-edge AI and Smart Contract technology. Our secure marketplace guarantees safe smart contract trades.

Systems: The AI Creator Agent enables organizations to revolutionize their system architecture with custom content and features tailored to boost user engagement and interaction.

Contracts: The AI Unifier Agent integrates various contract databases into a unified, robust management system. This facilitates dynamic pricing and inventory control, leading to more accurate forecasting and maximized revenue, while also ensuring secure and transparent contract trading on our proprietary platform.

Functions: The AI Guide Agent provides end-to-end assistance in navigating the complexities of smart contract functionalities. It ensures a user-friendly experience across different platforms with an integrated conversational AI, simplifying the management of smart contracts within a fraud-proof environment.

Core Team

Streamlining Operations and Logistics

Hami Gendron
Co-Founder / CTO

Hami brings a wealth of experience to the field of web and mobile app design and development. With over 20 years of running his own development company, he has design and developed remarkable projects, including: Impactful brand designs and marketing materials, SAAS models, web and mobile applications, efficient booking systems, commission concierge systems, seamless payment gateway and POS system integrations, and innovative loyalty and rewards systems. As an early contributor to the web3 industry, Hami has pioneered the creation of the world's first NFT charity, the 30th Crypto Collectable collection, and collaborated on multiple decentralized applications.

Allen Meizlish
Co-Founder / CEO

Allen is a time-tested Commercial Real Estate (CRE) entrepreneur who has been involved with 200+ multifamily, restaurant, retail, and hospitality projects in all stages of development planning, site selection, design, and construction. Throughout his career, Allen’s projects have ranged from single retail location build-outs up to $800MM multi-phase, multi-year development projects. Allen is the founder and partner in a number of real estate related ventures. He is a the co-founder of the Washington, DC based real estate development firm HELM Ventures which is currently working on millions of dollars of expansion and development projects in the region.

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